Photo Gallery EcoWood System

Gallery of realizations and photos of our customers. Most commonly used for balconies, fences, terraces.

In the offer we have.
-> White Greek rails small and large
-> Wood-like rails
-> S-type (bent) rails

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Sztachety PCV Drewnopodobne

Wood-like rails

Tralki PCV DrewnoPodobne typu eska

Wood-like rails

Tralka gięta, wygięta plastikowa

S shaped PVC rail

Balustrada Tralka typu greckiego plastikowa

Greek balustrade

tralka plastikowa drewnopodobna z liściem

wood-like fence

balustrady z tralek greckich PCV

greek baluster white

balustrada balkonowa e sztachet plastikowych

PVC balustrade

Balustrada Wzór Grecki Winylowa

Greek Balustrade

Sztachety Plastikowe Wzór eS drewnopodobne, gięte

Plastic Rails

balustrada balkonowa PCV sztachety drewnopodobne

PVC balustrade

balko ze sztachet winylowych i tralek PCV

PVC balcony

balustrada balkonowa z tralek plastikowych

balcony railing

balustrada balkonowa tralki wzór grecki

greek balustrade

płot ze sztachet plastikowych typu giętego z literę S

plastic fences

balustrada schodowa z tralek plastikowych

balustrade for stairs

balustrada na balkon ze sztachet plastikowych

PVC balcony railings

Tralki balustradowe typu greckiego z PCV

Greek rails

tralki na balkony z plastikowych sztachet

PVC balcony balusters

zabudowa balkonowa z tralek plastikowych z liściem

rails for balcony

balkony z tralek greckich plastikowych oraz tarasy z PCV

greek type terrace

sztachety balkonowe i tralki na balkony i tarasy z PCV

balcony pvc balusters

Gallery of realizations of PVC balusters

The gallery of realizations of balusters for stairs made of high-quality plastic is certainly noteworthy. Why? Because our rails and balusters look great against the background of terraces, balconies or backyard properties. Consequently, this is why they are so often and willingly chosen by customers. And yet the offer on the market of wooden balusters is very wide. In conclusion – So we are particularly proud of these choices 🙂

Pictures of Grecian rails for terrace and balcony

Without a doubt, one of the most common designs chosen by customers from the EcoWood system is the white Greek baluster type, although other colors are also considered but far less often. Therefore, we have them in two sizes and these dimensions are adapted to the needs of most inquirers. Undoubtedly, PVC Greek rails have many advantages and benefits. And yes: they are definitely lighter than concrete ones, which is important for balconies or raised terraces. Because of this, their installation is definitely simpler, it is easier to cut the railing to the required needs. To sum up – they can also be used not only on terraces but also on fences, fences, balconies or light stair structures. In our price list we constantly supplement the prices of balusters for balustrades Greek pattern, as well as their photos, because balustrades in Greek style are often sought after product.

Photo gallery of PVC baluster terraces

Probably the choice of balusters and terrace fences is definitely a difficult art. If only for the reason that they can not be too delicate, and on the contrary, they should give the impression of being massive and heavy, although this is not possible in every situation. Anyway – see how our customers coped with this task!

realizations of PVC balcony fencing

In reality, the realization of an unusual and impressive balcony is an art requiring not only finesse, but also a sense of aesthetics. And the arrangement of this piece of home property also requires skills verging on magic and certainly on artistry. For this reason, on the balcony, in addition to balusters, it is worth thinking about green plants, colorful flowers that will blend beautifully with the colors of our balusters. Oops… Finally, we remind you of the colors: white, brown and brick