PVC acoustic fences

Soundproof fences are the ideal solution for those who appreciate peace and quiet in their own home. They stop some of the noise from their sources, so that even with a busy street you can relax in the garden. As a manufacturer of plastic fences, for years we have received signals from our customers that acoustic fences are the product they have been waiting for. So we have prepared an offer of aesthetically pleasing soundproof panels for the garden and around the house like a busy street.
Our acoustic fences are available in several models so that you can match the appearance of the fence to your surroundings. They perfectly absorb noise, making them both a decorative and practical element of the house and garden.

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Our sound absorbing panels are primarily effective as well as highly aesthetic, made of PVC profiles

Silence, peace and privacy with acoustic fences

When fencing off a home area such as a garden and separating it directly from the road or from a neighbor’s plot, few people think about the issue of noise silencing. Usually attention is paid only to the protective aspect (the fence should guard against burglars), aesthetic (it should look nice and be elegant) and practical (it must perform its separating function perfectly).

This is not always enough

Meanwhile, especially in busier suburbs or near a major traffic route, it is also worth paying attention to another element, namely the soundproofing of fences. Acoustic fences provide privacy, peace and quiet, but they also take care of our mental and health comfort. Less noise, means more relief for the ears and less frequent headaches. The cost-effectiveness of such a solution is even greater, as it does not mean incurring more costs at all. On the contrary, modern acoustic fences are made of PVC profiles, which are cheap to produce and at the same time guarantee excellent quality and durability.

Take care of your privacy…

Of course, still the primary function of all fences is to guarantee the owners of the property (land) as much privacy as possible. For this reason, solid fences are increasingly used to cover the garden, plot or simply the area in front of the house from the prying eyes of passers-by and neighbors. Concern for privacy is something completely natural, and this need is also understood by fence manufacturers. They even went a step further: they also combine it with concern for the aforementioned psychological comfort, and therefore offer modern acoustic fences.

… and silence in your own garden

And these, at first glance, are completely no different from other plastic fences. Stylized models can even deceptively resemble natural material like wood or metal, too. In addition soundproof fences stand out:

– very affordable price available for every pocket

– high coefficient of reduction of even large noise

– ideal aesthetic solutions, rich design, variety of available models

– simplicity of installation based on foundation feet

– innovative technical solutions, which allow to maintain a uniform appearance and quality on each of the installed spans

Sound absorption vs. aesthetics

Those who are concerned about the combination of aesthetics and functionality can also be reassured acoustic fences. Contrary to appearances, their appearance is very elegant and no different from other models; slightly wider parameters (especially in the thickness of one fence panel) make absolutely no visual difference. Acoustic fence is heavier than the usual plastic models and requires a stronger ground assembly, but other than that it does not stand out in any way.

Simple installation solutions

Soundproof fences made of plastic can be installed yourself. They do not require construction skills, but only spending some time and muscle power to dig holes for the footings, which are then poured with concrete. Independent installation of acoustic fences should not cause anyone a problem, especially since the manufacturer itself sends in the package ready-made tools and accessories useful in this process.

Price list for acoustic fences

Price list for acoustic fences

Installation of acoustic fences

Installation of acoustic fences

Działanie płotu akustycznego

Działanie płotu akustycznego