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23 June 2022

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    Advantages of our fences:

    • Weather resistance
    • No painting required
    • Lifespan many times greater than traditional fences
    • Damage resistance
    • They are not eaten by woodworms
    • Strong yet flexible
    • They bend under the pressure of the wind, while not breaking

    3 reasons why you should invest in
    plastic fences

    Social rules, a desire for more privacy or simply practical considerations: there are several reasons for fencing off an area from the rest and making it a separate entity. Plastic fencing should be sturdy, stable and functional to best serve its purpose. Therefore, the choice of the right one must be well thought out. And not only from the visual side, but also from the technical side.

    Natural or synthetic material?

    Three types of fences reign supreme on the market today. One is made of natural materials like wood, metal or stone, while the other uses artificial materials, mainly plastics in various forms. The third type of fencing is modern and functional acoustic fences. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but in the design trends you can see much more often lately solutions based precisely on plastic. Plastic fences are becoming increasingly fashionable, so it’s worth knowing what the secret is to their growing popularity.

    Pros of plastic fencing

    Secret of plastic fences turns out to be quite trivial and is based on the positive features directly derived from their design, appearance and the material used. Such fences are, first of all:

    • very quick and easy to install, because they usually do not require specialized equipment, tools or the involvement of heavy construction machinery
    • easily available in industry stores and you don’t have to wait weeks for them to be completed even for long fences
    • very attractive in terms of pricing and cost much less than wooden or stone ones
    • resistant to difficult weather conditions and the workings of nature (plastic will never be eaten by woodworms or other pests)
    • extremely flexible, so they hold up more and don’t bend under the pressure of the wind

    Of the aforementioned advantages, three in particular are worthy of special attention, making plastic fences an appealing alternative for a growing number of investors.

    Easy installation

    Buying plastic fences you need to be aware that the seller very rarely offers the service of their installation. The reason is simple: installation of plastic fencing on site is trivial, so it requires neither an experienced team nor advanced equipment. You can easily do it yourself using the installation instructions included with the shipped fence. To do this, all you need to do is clear the area, measure the entrances to the gate and gate, and dig the mounting posts into the ground, into which the actual part of the fence is then inserted. Mounting can also be done with the help of special sleeves, which speed up the whole job. The posts are sometimes also fixed with metal anchors, which must be drilled into the hard ground, which also does not require special knowledge and skills.

    Appealing price

    lso of great importance is plastic fence purchase price, which is much lower compared to fences made of natural materials. A noticeable difference can be seen especially in the case of a large area and the need to purchase a fence of several tens of meters in length. Financial savings can be up to several thousand zlotys, which is not an insignificant difference and allows you to allocate the money to other investments. Of course, the low price is in no way related to the lower quality of plastic fencing. It is mainly due to much lower production costs, which allow the product to be sold at attractive prices. Instead, their quality does not change: fences of this type retain their physical strength, weather resistance and have a high degree of flexibility.

    Astonishing aesthetics

    If the low cost of purchase and ease of installation weren’t convincing enough, manufacturers are putting forward another trump card: a remarkable, delightful and modern aesthetics of plastic fences. Thanks to the fact that plastic is a very malleable material, it can be made into almost any shape in the manufacturing process. And this means that Plastic fences come in a variety of forms and designs, they have very individual decorations and finishes and, above all, surprise with amazing visual solutions. They can be used both as home or business fences, because at the same time they are characterized by high visual versatility. What is important for true aesthetes: plastic fences can be painted unhindered to any color and many times. There is no risk that the paint – as long as it is of good quality and proper purpose – will begin to peel quickly on such plastic.

    Not just traditional fences

    Although their main purpose is to enclose land, the Plastic fencing can also be used for less obvious purposes. They are great for building plastic pavilions in gardens and allotments or for shielding garden and barbecue gazebos from the wind. They are also perfect for fences for horses. In fact, the only limitation on the use of this type of fencing is only the imagination of those who buy them. And these people can choose between full models, i.e. built-up completely, which protect from prying eyes, and partially open models, which are distinguished by rich decorations and finishes. Regardless of the choice, however, the fence will always fulfill its role and effectively separate a selected section or part of the area from another.

    We invite you to visit our departments and get acquainted with our full commercial offer. If you have any questions, our consultants remain at your disposal.