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How much does plastic fences cost?

Plastic fences vary in price depending on the system. The most favorable price has Korner rails. Their price varies between PLN 7 and PLN 13. per piece. We also offer Greek balusters and wood-like balusters, which perfectly imitate wood. The price of such balusters is about 30 zł per piece. For customers who are interested in whole fence spans we have to offer Exlusive system. This system also includes gates and wickets. Its unique advantages are elegant design and 10-year warranty. The price for a standard span is 300 – 1500 PLN, depending on the height and design and customer requirements. Another item in our offer are farmer fences. This solution will work perfectly as a fence for any homestead or pasture. Our customers are particularly fond of this fence for horses because of the PZH certificate. The price for a span is from 300 to 700 PLN.

The price is mainly influenced by the number of horizontal crossbars in the span. For those who are looking for a solution to quiet their home, acoustic fences are ideal, which reduce the flow of noise thanks to the appropriate design of acoustic panels. The cost of a standard span is PLN 1906 for a solid fence, and PLN 2091 for a fence with a decorative grid. The last item in our offer is PVC EverWood profiles. These are solid profiles. Due to the fact that they are dyed in the mass, they are characterized by the highest quality. The boards are sold by running meters, and their price ranges from PLN 80 to 150 per meter.

Are plastic fences durable?

Plastic fences are strong and very durable. Resistant to weather conditions. Due to the fact that they are dyed in the mass, they do not lose their color. Our plastic fences are the highest quality. Some systems are guaranteed for up to 10 years. Careful workmanship and the highest quality material used to make plastic fences undoubtedly contribute to the satisfaction of our customers. During the production of all systems included in our offer the highest standards are maintained, which eliminates the possibility of any discoloration or deformation. Not without significance is also the fact that the plastic fences we sell do not require any maintenance and keeping them clean is not a problem.

Are plastic fences easy to install?

Installation of plastic fencing is very simple. Ordering any system from our offer, we can be sure that we can handle the installation. Assembly does not require any qualified team. Based on simple instructions, you can successfully do it yourself. If you decide to purchase a fence from us, you are guaranteed to receive from us all the necessary components for the installation of the fence. After purchase, you will receive from us simple and clear installation instructions.
You will not need an installation team for the installation, as well as no specialized equipment. Self-assembly of plastic fences does not require any special skills from the owner. After the purchase, you can also count on our telephone support. We will be happy to answer any questions that arise during the installation.

What material are plastic fences made of?

Plastic fences are high-end materials. We see in them not only the benefits of durability or robustness, but also other reasons why plastic fences are increasingly chosen. They do not deform under the influence of strong wind or mechanical damage. The whole Structure of fence panels is rigid compared to, for example, mesh. Due to the high quality of the materials used in production, the plastic fence is very durable and resistant to weather conditions. The material used in the production of plastic rails, spans or balusters is the highest quality PVC, the same that has been successfully used for decades in the production of PVC windows. High quality translates into the satisfaction of our customers, resulting in the displacement of traditional fences from the market by plastic fences.

Do plastic fences need to be maintained?

Fence maintenance is a necessary procedure that needs to be done regularly. Plastic fences win over other fences on the market for one mundane reason – they do not need to be maintained. A number of fences available on the market, unfortunately, are not resistant to weather conditions, such as rain. In the case of other types of fences, water very often causes corrosion. Plastic fences, although not galvanized like metal fences, are made of such high quality material that rain, sand or hail have no possibility of breaking the coating. Water also does not accumulate on the surface of the material from which plastic fences are made. The lack of maintenance of plastic fences, undoubtedly distinguishes this product in the market. To keep PVC fences clean, it is enough to wash them from time to time with water and dishwashing liquid.

What colors are plastic fences in?

There are a number of fences available on the market that we can use to enclose our home. We can choose a more traditional fence or opt for more modern solutions. It is good that the choice of fence should harmonize in color with the rest of the property. Plastic fences have been available on the market for some time. There is a wide variety of plastic fencing systems available, ranging from rails, wood-like boards and whole pieces ready to be installed along with a gate and gate. Plastic fence manufacturers spoil us for a multitude of choices. Plastic fencing has many advantages, so it is worth taking a look at the colors of these fences available on the market.

Customers most often opt for a woodgrain fence color, although white and gray have become increasingly popular recently. As for brown fences, here too there is a whole range of shades to choose from. Fences in less standard colors such as navy blue, green or red can also be ordered on request.

What is the height of plastic fences?

The construction of a fence like other architectural structures is subject to the construction law. Therefore, do you need a permit to erect a plastic fence around the property? This has been regulated by an amendment to the law. The maximum height of a fence built without a permit cannot exceed 2.2 meters, counting from ground level, of course. We will also not need a permit for reconstruction, renovation or modification of an existing fence. So we can also put up a plastic fence to a height of no more than 2.2m. If we want a higher fence, which would suppress, for example, noise coming from the street, then, it will be necessary to report the construction of a soundproof fence to the district or city office. If you do not receive an objection from the office within 21 days after reporting the construction, you can start work. It is important to see to this notification, because sometimes administrative authorities make comments on the project.

Which is cheaper concrete or plastic fences?

“Concrete fence is undoubtedly a fence that is quite solid. Provided that it is made of the right mix of concrete and additionally reinforced. This is a guarantee of the solidity and strength of the fence. The proportions of the individual components of the mixture from which such a fence is made are responsible for the parameters of the concrete fence. The cost of such a fence is about PLN 100 per 1mb. If more ornamental structures were to come into play, the cost of such a fence would certainly change and increase up to PLN 200 per 1mb. Of course, the price of such a fence depends on its height.

If we were to touch on the aesthetics of concrete fencing, it unfortunately does not reach the top of the list, despite the fact that there are plenty of cast designs available on the market.
Plastic fencing, increasingly chosen by customers, is a high-end aesthetic. The price of a plastic fence is similar to that of a concrete fence. Plastic fencing is also modular and the price of a 1m high span starts at PLN 130. Of course, the more decorative elements, the higher the price will be. Nevertheless, plastic fencing has many advantages. Lightweight construction means that you can assemble it yourself based on the manual, which is not complicated. We also have a greater range of colors to choose from than in the case of a concrete fence.”